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Youth in Revolt

george osborne laugh

My generation are selfish bastards. It’s a well-documented thing.

We’re the “me” generation, I’ve been told more than once. We’ve had everything on a plate, we’ve had it so easy. When our parents had to work, we got awards just for turning up. Our exams got easier every year, not like the O-Levels Mum and Dad did.

It’s background noise, the hum which shapes our daily lives. Ungrateful. Undeserving. Spoilt. It gets to the point that we tune it out and carry on with our lives. Because what else can we do?

The truth from our perspective — from my perspective — however is quite different.

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An(other) Open Letter to Southend Odeon

ron woodroof

Dear Southend Odeon,

I’d like to open by saying that I am a fan. I love film, and I love cinema as a medium for experiencing it. Most often I pass through your doors at least once a week. But sadly, I don’t expect to be gracing your establishment this week.

Why? Three words:

Dallas Buyers Club.

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A little end-of-year good news…


Yeah, she said yes. Of her own free volition and everything.

So 2013 didn’t turn out to be such a waste after all!


Something something something Christmas

merry christmas

…Now bugger off and have some turkey, normal service resumes tomorrow!


Lest We Forget

poppy field

Once more, Remembrance Day comes upon us, and the country is transformed into a sea of poppies.

It is with an especially heavy heart that I remember this year, my grandfather — who having served in the Grenadier Guards in WWII was my last connection to wartime armed forces — passed away earlier this year.

I will be remember him, and my other grandfather who fought with Montgomery’s armies in North Africa — but my thoughts will also be with any and all who have lost their lives in war.

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Baking Bad!

calendar girls buns

What’s the point of having a blog with thousands of daily visitors (Ed: Yeah, right!), if you can’t do a bit of plugging every now and again?

So, dear readers, I hope you’ll understand if I take a moment to plug Ashleigh’s new baking blog: Stiff Peaks.

Given that her irresistible baking is the primary contributor to my ever-expanding waistline, this is something to be paying attention to. Her first recipe on the site is for a pumpkin pie which I can personally testify is nothing short of delicious. I’m lucky enough to have a sneak peak of what’s upcoming, and it’s going to be very good.

So go and read. And subscribe, you don’t want to miss any of the yummyness to come. And almost certainly innuendo  (in-your-end-o!).


Remembering Allan Dent (6th Dec 1926 – 9th Sept 2013)

2013-09-28 11.46.31

On Friday, on a clear, sunny and warm day in Scunthorpe, I and the rest of my family laid to rest my Grandfather. Allan Dent passed away on 9th September, at the ripe old age of eighty-six.

I wanted to write something about him before this, but I didn’t know where to start. I still don’t. For the past five years Grandad suffered from an increasingly-worsening dementia which left him unable to recognise me, or other family members. It’s been a truly heartbreaking experience, like an open wound festering at the back of my mind. Watching parts of him washed away by an unstoppable tide, its something I wouldn’t wish on anybody.

But that, as horrific as it was, is not how I will remember my Grandad.

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The Soundtrack of Life


My music tastes are not what could be described as “current”. I don’t tend to focus in on the trends of contemporary music, but my tastes are fairly wide-ranging and eclectic. As an example, the last two concerts I went to were German industrial metal band Rammstein, and ageing Californian funk rockers the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

But what I do have a soft spot for is TV and film soundtracks. I watch a lot of both, and the scores are something which I tend to notice, how they underscore the themes and moods of the scene, how they fit the story to bring out the emotion. As largely lyric-less music, they make particularly good music to write to — selected to fit whatever I’m trying to write at the time.

So since I’m musing on the subject, I thought I’d share with you my top five soundtracks for general listening.

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Jorah Mormont for Doctor Who!

iain glen jorah mormont

So, with Matt Smith’s departure from the classic British science-fiction show Doctor Who, the time is upon us once more to select a new actor to portray the last (probably) of the Time Lords, the lonely God — the Doctor.

Well, the BBC does the selecting. But since the rumours of possible replacements have been dire at best, I thought I’d wade into the debate. So far I’ve heard suggested Richard Madden (too young), Rupert Grint (too Ron Weasley, and too awful), Helen Mirren (too expensive), Benedict Cumberbatch (too Sherlock Holmes), and even David Duchovny (I don’t even… Just… No!).

The answer is clearly Jorah Mormont Iain Glen. And here’s why

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Farewell to the Old Post Office

old post office wargrave

It still saddens me that, since moving to Reading nearly two months ago, I can no longer sit on Wargrave Parish Council. I miss my fellow councillors, and being able to play an active role in shaping the community I lived in. But despite this, no longer being a part of local government gives me a little more freedom in some ways. The freedom, for example, to lament the closure of the Old Post Office coffee shop on Wargrave High Street, the victim of shockingly and embarrassingly short-sighted nimbyism.

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