Day: 02/03/2011

VideoVista March Issue Goes Live!

Pelican Blood - a romance, populated by indie morons, set in the bizarre world of obsessive birdwatching

Yes, it’s that time again. And my, what a busy month it has been!

This month I’ve reviewed three DVDs (of varying quality) for the pleasure of you lovely people. All available at VideoVista.

First up, we have Open House, a home-invasion thriller, dining off the success of TV show Trueblood. Next, we have a French gangster film, 22 Bullets, staring Jean Reno as a retired gangster who gets dragged back into the criminal underworld when he is attacked and left for dead. And finally, indie bird-watching romance Pelican Blood, which about says it all really.

And, in addition to all that, the wonderful A.E. Grace has reviewed an additional two films: Bedevilled and Mindflesh. Don’t we just spoil you?