Day: 03/03/2011

The End is Nigh

Almost there...

And, like a cat in a box, as soon as there’s concrete evidence as to their status my exams suddenly feel very real. And very close.

After nearly three years of study, endgame is almost upon me. I’m on the cusp of making the transition from Law student to Law graduate, which actually sounds grander than it is, and a lot less scary than it is. I started university in the full knowledge that at the end of the third year I’d take exams which would count for the vast majority of my final grade, so why does it feel like they’ve snuck up on me?

I think part of it is just how quickly the time has gone. It still feels like the other week that I pitched up on the South Downs, fresh faced (and clean shaven) and eager to get started learning the law. And now I’m twenty, and about to finish this stage of my life. An in between has been a whole lot of reading textbooks and articles, writing essays, listening to lectures and debating the finer points of the law.

It’s not so much the exams that are terrifying, but the sheer concept of graduation. No longer is life going to be laid out before me, neatly mapped like an ordinance survey. I hadn’t really appreciated how simple it makes life, having a set plan before me. Being about to finish that plan feels like standing on the edge of an unknown void.

Still, it’s not over yet. In just over three months it will be, but I have to get their first. Wish me luck