Halloween Shorts: An Overview

Happy Halloween to all, and to all a restless night!

Today is All Hallow’s Eve, and all manner of things creepy are cropping up across the internet. And this weekend, that has included the Halloween Shorts event which I and a few other authors have been holding. In brief, Friday through today Jennifer Williams has hosted four Halloween-themed short stories on her blog.

It’s been a great experience, seeing some great stories featured (free, naturally) for the whole internet to read, and if you haven’t taken a look yet, I very much recommend giving them a read. The stories are great, and the authors are some of the up-and-coming stars of the genre. So light up your jack-o’-lantern (See? I can do the lingo!), put on a creepy soundtrack, tuck into something with far too much sugar to be healthy, and scare yourself silly with four short stories:

Friday – “Charlie and the Goblin King” by Andrew Reid

Horror can be funny, as well as creepy. The first story of the lot features a couple whose (rather annoying) child suddenly turns emerald green. Plumbing the ample reservoir of fear within parental responsibilities, Andrew offsets the fear with a very funny ending. Slightly scary fun- just the spirit of Halloween, I think.

Saturday – “What You Take With You” by Kev Clarke

The second short story is a loosely connected anthology of snapshots of different people’s fears, and how fear can chase and pursue you. A very well written tale, which will have you wondering what form your fear would take, what would be in your metaphorical “Room 101”.

Sunday – “Light You to Bed” by Matthew S. Dent

Yep, I’m number three. And I’m not nearly vain enough to do a flattering summary of my own story. Sufficed to say, it involves a little girl, an inattentive father, a railway line, and evil pumpkins. You can make your own mind up about it.

Monday – “Wendigo” by Jennifer Williams

Halloween itself naturally goes to our host, with a creepy diary-style story about love, hunger and shapes in the snow. I read it on the train this afternoon, and in a gloomy carriage, it really puts a chill in the blood.

So there you go. Some spooky fiction to indulge in this evening. And once you’re done, you can put on a good horror film, wrap yourself up warm, and if you hear any odd noises in the darkness outside, it’s probably best to just ignore them and turn the TV up…

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