On (Finally) Joining the BFS

So now I'm a member of the British Fantasy Society

So, at last I’ve done it. Last night, Ashleigh and I joined the British Fantasy Society.

It had been something we’d both been meaning to do, and discussing, for a while but hadn’t seemed to get around to. Ironically, I think it was probably the controversy surrounding this year’s British Fantasy Awards which finally spurred us to take the plunge.

It’s possible that joining this close to Christmas was a bit silly, as I doubt there’ll be much activity in way of our new membership until the New Year, but even joining up feels inspirational. The BFS’ “Join us” page, bears this message from Stephen Jones, which I shall relate to you here:

“Whenever a fledgling horror or fantasy writer comes up to me, at a convention or somewhere else, and asks me how they can get their work published, I invariably advise them that their first step should be to join the British Fantasy Society.”

After what has felt like a fairly lacklustre year in my writing career, I’m keen to improve in 2012, and this feels like a good step towards it. I’m looking forward to attending some of the get-togethers, including FantasyCon 2012 (which will give me a good excuse to go back to Brighton). And at £35 for a year’s membership, it feels like a bargain to me.

So here’s to the next year, for myself and Ash as members of the British Fantasy Society! Let the fun start here!

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