…And in with the New

So, 2012 is here at last! The year of mayoral elections, Olympics, the 29th February, and lots of doom-mongering about the end of the world. Which, actually, seems to have started early with yesterday’s return of bird flu. What joys we have to look forward to…

The start of January is, traditionally, the time that everyone spends denouncing New Year’s resolutions as a load of nonsense. Why make all these pledges you’ll never keep, specifically on the first day of the year? Surely if you want to improve yourself, it shouldn’t be dependent on a certain date?

Well yes, but shut up. Self-improvement is a worth objective whenever, so whilst waiting for New Year to start is dumb, taking advantage of the opportunity to set objectives for the year ahead isn’t. And without further ado, I submit to you dear reader my objectives for 2012:

  • Read more, write more, publish more: 2011 was something of a crap year as far as my publishing went. One story published at the start of the year, and one acceptance at the end. Not really good enough. So since my story “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep” will be shortly printed in the Night Terrors II anthology, I want to start off on that foot. Writing, submitting and publishing. I have several ideas for short stories, a novella underway, and am a few chapters into Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”.
  • Take second place in the May elections: the Rememnham, Wargrave and Remenham by-election I stood in last year saw a good showing for the Labour vote. A strong third place, with a weak turnout. In May the same seat will be up again for re-election, and I hope to get the Labour nomination (I can’t see much competition for it). I’m a realist, so my aim is to take second place off the Lib Dems, but of course a surprise landslide victory would be very welcome!
  • Find a job: I’m currently still volunteering with Political Scrapbook, as I have been for several months. It’s a lot of fun, very convenient and I’ve learnt a lot, but I have a rather powerful need for a proper job promptish. So I want a decent job by the end of the year, so I can start saving and get my life and career on track post-university.
  • Go to FantasyCon 2011: Since I’m finally a member of the BFS, I’m going to FantasyCon, and no one can bloody stop me! It’ll be a fantastic dose of inspiration, I’ll get to go back to Brighton, and I’ll meet so many of the genre writers I admire (I already owe Gary McMahon a drink!)
  • Go to the Labour Party Conference: I was gutted to miss this in 2011. Liverpool is my favourite city in the country, and I would have loved to have gone. This year is Manchester, so still my old stalking grounds, and I’m going.  Whether as Maidenhead CLP delegate or just as a party member, I’m not really too bothered.

So there we have it. What I want from 2012. And if I can get through it hearing a minimum number of ranters going on about the end of the world, so much the better.

Happy new year to you all!

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