Sale to Abomination Magazine!

There are some days when getting out of bed is an effort. Inside is warm, comfortable, and holds the promise of a little more sleep. Outside is cold, and work is waiting. But it always helps when there’s something nice lurking in your email inbox. Case in point, this morning, and the acceptance waiting for me fromĀ Abomination Magazine.

Yes, they liked my story “Whispers in the Skin Gardens” and want to publish it in their debut issue. To say I am pleased at this news would be an understatement. It’s my first acceptance this year, and ends a bit of a dry run. And it looks like it’s going to be a cracking magazine.

The story is a dark (very dark) sci-fi story, which I won’t give too much away about now but is one I’m rather proud of. The debut issue is supposed to be coming out in “early 2012”, so that shouldn’t give you too long to wait, and I will of course give you updates as and when developments occur.


  1. So I have to read your story, “Whispers in the Skin Garden” because the title alone is awesome. That it is being published in a magazine called Abomination, well, this becomes critically important. Let me know when it comes out so I can read it.


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