Are You Registered to Vote?

It’s that time once again. On May 3rd, the polling stations across Wokingham Borough will open and there will be ballot papers waiting for your cross on them. This year there are 18 seats being contested across the borough, and there are real issues at stake.

I am not a neutral party in this, I would like to make that perfectly clear from the start. I am the Labour and Co-operative candidate for Remenham Wargrave and Ruscombe. In the coming weeks, I will be asking for the votes of residents, and explaining why they should say yes.

The democratic process, whilst not without fault, does put ultimate decision-making power in the hands of those ultimately affected by said decisions. And with residents angry at the moment over bin bags, planning decisions, libraries and a host of other complaints, the power to choose your representative has never been more important.

Any UK citizen over the age of 18, who is not incarcerated, is eligible to vote. In addition, EU citizens resident in the UK can vote in local elections, as can Commonwealth citizens who have leave to remain. But you have to be on the electoral roll.

Most people are on the electoral roll automatically, but you can check with Wokingham electoral services either

By phone: 0118 974 6522 / 0118 974 6523

By email:

Or in person: at the council offices, at Shute End, Wokingham, RG40 1WH

They’re very nice, and don’t bite. I promise. And if you aren’t register you have until 18th April 2012 to register in time to vote on May 3rd.

The reason that I’m posting this here, is because I can’t find it at all on the Wokingham website. I don’t care who you vote for, me or someone else. But people died so that we could vote, so the least you can do is turn up on the day and mark the paper. If you don’t like anyone who’s standing you can spoil your ballot- that way your vote will be recorded without you giving your support to anyone.

The important thing, though, is that you can’t use your vote if you’re not registered to

(If you’re not a resident in Wokingham borough, it is just as important that you exercise your vote. Apathy and low turnout defeat democracy. If you want to find out how to check whether you’re registered, the About My Vote website is a fantastic place to start)

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