Full List of Candidates for Wokingham Local Elections

It was announced yesterday, and honestly I had hoped to get this list up then. Sadly, though, my attempts at McGyver-ing an internet connection to get hold of the full list (I’ve been visiting family in the sunny North East over Easter) met with failure.

But here it is: the list of candidates for all 18 contest wards in Wokingham Borough this May. I’ve highlighted Labour candidates in italics. The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats are both fielding full slates. Labour are standing 14 candidates, UKIP 7 and the Green Party 13. There are 2 independents.

I’m a little surprised at the number of councillors not standing for re-election. Eight elections will be without an incumbent on the ballot paper- with none of the three Lib Dem councillors up this year seeking to keep their seats. Which seems a little…well, odd.

But here’s that list in full:

Bulmershe & Whitegates

  • Greg Bello (Lab)
  • Leslie Hayward (LD)
  • Billy Khan (UKIP)
  • Mohammed Parvaiz (Con)
  • Adrian Windisch (Green)


  • Emma Hobbs (Con) [INCUMBENT]
  • James O’Callaghan (Green)
  • Nick Ray (Ind)
  • Malcolm Storry (LD)


  • UllaKarin Clark (Con) [INCUMBENT]
  • Suresh Jeganathan (LD)
  • Steven McMillan (UKIP)
  • Paul Sharples (Lab)


  • Diane King (Con) [INCUMBENT]
  • Steven Scarrott (LD)
  • Anthony Skuse (Lab)
  • Mike Spencer (UKIP)

Finchampstead North

  • Martyn Foss (Green)
  • Mike Gore (Con) [INCUMBENT]
  • Tim Jinkerson (Lab/Coop)
  • Roy Neall (LD)

Finchampstead South

  • Roland Cundy (LD)
  • Ian Pittock (Con)
  • Matthew Valler (Green)


  • Guy Grandison (Con)
  • Peter Jackson (UKIP)
  • John Prior (Green)
  • Anthony Vick (LD)
  • Neville Waites (Lab)


  • Helene Cherry (Green)
  • Pauline Jorgensen (Con) [INCUMBENT]
  • David Sharp (Lab)
  • Keith Yabsley (LD)


  • Paula Montie (Green)
  • Wayne Smith (Con)
  • Paul Trott (LD)
  • Umesh Ummat (Lab)


  • Tom Clarke (Lab)
  • Tom McCann (LD)
  • Bill Soane (Con)
  • Julia Titus (Green)

Maiden Erlegh

  • David Hare (LD)
  • Nicholas Marshall (Green)
  • Ken Miall (Con) [INCUMBENT]
  • Jacqueline Rupert (Lab)


  • John Bray (LD)
  • Mary Gascoyne (Lab)
  • Emma-Louise Hamilton (Green)
  • Keith Knight (UKIP)
  • Malcolm Richards (Con)
  • Robin Smith (Ind)

Remenham, Wargrave & Ruscombe

  • Martin Alder (LD)
  • Matthew S. Dent (Lab/Coop)
  • John Halsall (Con) [INCUMBENT]

Shinfield South

  • Marjory Bisset (Green)
  • Charlotte Haitham Taylor (Con) [INCUMBENT]
  • Imogen Shepherd-Dubey (LD)


  • James Ewan (Green)
  • Lindsay Ferris(LD)
  • James Fort (Lab)
  • Sam Hawkins (Con)


  • Stella Howell (UKIP)
  • James Leask (LD)
  • Kazek Lokuciewski (Green)
  • John Woodward (Lab)
  • Bob Wyatt (Con) [INCUMBENT]


  • Mark Ashwell (Con)
  • John Baker (Lab)
  • Tony Pollock (UKIP)
  • Rachelle Shepherd-Dubey (LD)

Wokingham Without

  • Thomas Blomley (Green)
  • Pauline Helliar-Symons (Con) [INCUMBENT]
  • Elaine Spratling (LD)
  • Graham Widdows (UKIP)


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