Hitting the Campaign Trail

We’re less than three weeks away from polling day, and this morning I started on the campaign trail proper. Across the village of Wargrave, my election leaflet is going out through letterboxes to reach the residents and voters for whose support I am appealing on May 3rd.

And since I have placed a not-inconsiderable emphasis on the internet and digital campaigning, I would be amiss if I did not make that literature available online. So here it is, in downloadable PDF form for any who are interested:

[UPDATE: It seems that scribd isn’t working too well for everyone at the moment. Since this is way past the extent of my technical skills, I’m going to compromise. You can find the PDF hosted directly here, instead.]

I’ve also put it up on ElectionLeaflets.org, as I did for the by-election last year. Neither Messrs Halsall or Alder have yet put anything up there, and I haven’t seen any literature from them either. It’s entirely possible that I’ll be skipped by their deliverers, but if any Remenham, Wargrave & Ruscombe residents have received Lib Dem or Tory leaflets and feel like sharing them with me… Well, I’d be very grateful!



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