Day: 24/04/2012

Terror-Tree Reviews Abomination Magazine

The debut issue of Abomination Magazine

Theresa Derwin, over at has reviewed the debut issue of Abomination Magazine, a new Kindle-based horror magazine with short-fiction, poetry and comics. And, as regular readers will know, it contains one of my short stories.

Of my offering, Theresa says:

‘Whispers in the Skin Garden’ by Matthew S Dent features a garden where skin is grown for grafts. This is a rather creepy tale as follow the gardener through his duties.

And of the magazine as a whole:

…this is a good solid magazine that at only £1.30 is worth every penny, if only for the short stories and poetry. I expect good things from this magazine and look forward to issue 2 in July 2012.

If you want to read my story, and the rest of those featured in the magazine, then as Theresa says it is only £1.30 on Kindle.


Wokyrubbish – Dull, but Important

The Wokingham bin bags disaster might not be as exciting as national political issues, but it's symptomatic of the problems at the heart of our local government.

I posted the below comment on a Wokingham Times story entitled “Rubbish a big issue in election campaigning“, in response to comments to the extent that the problems surrounding the new rubbish scheme were insignificant, and a silly thing to campaign on.

I’m sorry, but my experience from the doorsteps is that far from a minority, Damiano’s views [that the council’s actions show a disdain for the voting public] represent majority of public opinion.

I understand (and, to be honest, agree with) views that bin bags are a pretty dull subject, but the fact is that they are causing a lot of annoyance and inconvenience to a lot of residents. Local politics often isn’t the grand issues of its national counterpart, but rather the problems that impact people’s everyday lives. I am actually glad that this election is so focused on local matters.

Also, this isn’t simply teething troubles. The problems aren’t confined to the scheme’s execution (which has, inarguably, been woeful), but rather with the concept at its heart. The Tory claims of a council tax freeze sit ill with the stealth taxes they’re implementing. And the fact that they have done it without consultation with the public shows a dangerous aloofness.

The bins are a problem. But they are symptomatic of a bigger problem at the heart of the Conservative council administration.