Tim Starkey selected as Labour candidate for Thames Valley Police Commissioner

Tim Starkey, Labour candidate for Thames Valley Police & Crime Commissioner

Well, the votes are in, and Tim Starkey has been chosen to stand in the Thames Valley region as the Labour candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner. And the vote was a close one. Very close. In fact, he only beat Jon Harvey to the nomination by twenty-four votes.

In light of this, I feel incredibly vindicated saying back in May that they were both excellent candidates. Clearly there were a lot of Labour Party members who had as difficult a time making the decision as I did.

But the decision has been made, and as far as I’m aware Tim is the first confirmed candidate for Thames Valley. The Tories are still selecting — and, actually, it looks like they’re still searching for a stand-out candidate — the Lib Dems aren’t standing candidates, and I haven’t heard anything about smaller party and independent candidates.

During the selection campaign, both candidates sparkled with solid and exciting ideas, and I hope to see a manifesto emerging including the very best of those policies. In particular, Tim impressed me with his plan to restore police numbers to 2010 levels with a £4 increase in the police precept.

It is my belief that people are happy to pay taxes if they see the benefit to them. Declining police numbers under the Tory-led government are a real concern in the Thames Valley, and given the choice between a tiny tax increase or a dwindling police force, I think residents would choose the former.

Additionally, this has appeared on Twitter:

So congratulations to Tim, commiseration to Jon, and let’s hit the campaign trail running!

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