On achieving dreams (sort of)

Interzone #244 reviewSince I started seriously writing and submitting my work, it has been a cherished and constant dream to have something produced by my own fair hand published in that stalwart of British SF, Interzone magazine. And now, I suppose, it is a dream which I have achieved.

Okay, so it’s not fiction (which remains an ambition I aspire to), but the latest issue (#244) of Interzone landed on the doormat today, and my name is printed on its pages in cold black type.

Yes, I have joined the elite ranks of the Interzone book reviewers.

This issue I have reviewed Ramez Naam’s SF novel “Nexus”, published by Angry Robot Books, an action-packed near-future tour-de-force, which doesn’t skimp on the ethical issues and serious themes. If you want to read the review, then you can buy yourself a copy of Interzone #244 (or, a subscription) at the TTA Press shop. Then you can enjoy the stories and other reviews as well.

And, once I’ve had chance to read the stories, I’ll be turning my critic’s eye upon them too.

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