Day: 08/06/2013

The Last Exorcism Part II – Review

the last exorcism part ii

Oh dear. It’s all gone a bit Final Destination 17, hasn’t it?

If you cast your minds back to 2010, you might remember a low budget little horror film called The Last Exorcism. Well, it turns out it wasn’t, because here’s The Last Exorcism Part IIThe Last Exorcism Again. The Last Exorcism Really This Time, The Last One Was Just A Test.

But before I get too cynical, we should probably remember that I did like The Last Exorcism (soon to be retrospectively retitled The Penultimate Exorcism?). In fact, I count it as one of the best found footage horror films that I’ve seen, up there with Spanish-language offering [Rec].

So how bad could the sequel really be?

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