Day: 15/06/2013

Man of Steel – A Review

man of steel

I’ve never really loved Superman. I wouldn’t say he’s my least favourite superhero (probably Daredevil — whilst a blind man being able to see is certainly great for him, it doesn’t really qualify as a superpower), but he’s always seemed somewhat bland.

A large part of that is that over the decades his powers have been increased to such a state that he’s near-invincible, and for there even to be enough conflict for a story one of the numerous flavours of kryptonite has to be wheeled out. The 1978 Superman had him able to reverse the flow of time, for crying out loud!

But here we have a new, modern, shiny version. From the man who made a fair old hash of filming probably the best superhero comic ever writtenWatchmen, and with a trailer that contained enough lens flare to make JJ Abrams blush, does Man of Steel even stand a chance?

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