Day: 14/10/2013

“Across the Event Horizon” by Mercurio D. Rivera – A Review

across the event horizon by mercurio d riveraThis review was originally published in issue #247 of science-fiction magazine Interzone. You can buy back issues and subscribe to future issues at their shop.

(NewCon Press, 268pp, pb £11.99)

When I was a fresh-faced pup, new to the beckoning worlds of science-fiction and their siren calls of “what-if”, one of the first stories I chanced upon was in TTA’s own podcast –- a little tale entitled “The Scent of Their Arrival”, by a wordsmith called Mercurio D. Rivera.

It clearly had some sort of impact, given that I’m still devouring any and all speculative fiction with the gleeful gratitude of a starving man given a pasty. So it shouldn’t really surprise anyone that I jumped at the chance to read and review Rivera’s short story collection.

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