Day: 22/10/2013

David Cameron doesn’t get the internet

david cameron

Today, the Prime Minister David Cameron tweeted about Facebook. In particular, he tweeted about Facebook’s decision to again allow users to post videos of people being beheaded.

Mr Cameron was, of course, against Facebook’s decision. That’s no surprise. So am I, incidentally. I don’t see that there is any cause to allow such patently disturbing and upsetting material onto such a mainstream social network. The fact that Facebook is reportedly “considering adding warnings” is not only irrelevant, it’s verging on insulting.

The problem, then, is not with Mr Cameron’s position on this, but with his tweet:

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The Emperor of Southend


It’s been a while since I blogged about local politics. When I moved out of Wokingham, it was difficult impossible to stay connected with the local political scene in which I had become established. In Reading, I simply wasn’t there long enough to get acquainted.

But now, as some of you will know, I’m now living in sunny Southend-on-Sea. This is somewhere that I already have local knowledge, given that I spent four and a bit years visiting Ashleigh here most weeks. I also wrote this, back in the day, so I already have a bit of a beachhead in the local politics.

For the month and a bit that I’ve been living by the Thames Estuary, I’ve kept fairly schtum. I’ve been reading the blogs of the local politicians and fellow political geeks, reading the local paper, and watching the latest council meeting on their nifty webcast — which is one hell of an innovation.

Straight off the bat, what I notice is something right up my street: a debate on how to elect the borough’s councillors, all at once every four years, or a third at a time in consecutive years?

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