Day: 26/10/2013

Why I won’t be seeing Ender’s Game

ender's game

Firstly, this hasn‘t been an easy decision to make.

I’m a science-fiction fan. I’m a film fan. On paper, Ender’s Game — a high budget adaptation of a famous and successful military SF book — should be perfect for me. I somehow missed out on Elysium, After Earth was so unanimously panned that I gave it a miss, and Pacific Rim was just too close to Transformers for me to ever get excited about. Idris Elba or not.

So I haven’t really filled my quota of good SF film at the cinemas yet this year. And I’m sure Ender’s Game will be good. It looks it from the trailers, at least. And anything that returns Harrison Ford to science fiction is ticking a whole raft of boxes

But no, I won’t be seeing Ender’s Game. And it’s entirely down to Orson Scott Card.

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