Day: 31/10/2013

Top 5 horror films for Halloween

Welcome to Halloween.

Welcome, also, to too much sugar, pumpkins everywhere, and endless debates about whether or not it constitutes the Americanisation of British culture (answer: nobody cares).

But all of that misses the point. Halloween is not about any of that. Halloween is about horror films. The TV listings are jammed with them, Netflix have a “Halloween film” section, and HMV have been doing a roaring trade (I imagine) in the classics since about mid-October.

So here’s my contribution to the mix. My top five horror films, for your enjoyment. Enjoy.

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Halloween Flash: “Little White Lies”

hand closet horror

Little White Lies

By Matthew S. Dent

“Mummy there’s a monster in the wardrobe.”

Bliss was awake immediately. She could have cried. The first sleep she’d gotten in three days… She could have screamed.

Instead she exhaled slowly, breathing out into the soft warm darkness. Outside the laughter and calls of loitering youths could be heard, dully through the windowpanes.

“Olly?” she asked, propping herself up on her elbows, trying to blink away the nascent headache chewing on her optic nerve.

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