Day: 11/11/2013

What on earth is James Duddridge playing at?

james duddridge

Before moving to Southend, I knew very little about Rochford and Southend East’s (and now my) MP James Duddridge. And compared to the average constituent I was practically his biographer.

Having spent the years between 2008 and 2012 as first a Tory whip and then a government one, he has had his mouth constitutionally kept shut. Even since returning to the backbenches he hasn’t said a great deal.

But now, like the perennially incompetent superhero, here he comes. Charging in, he trips on his cape and rolls head over heels into his latest comment on the national stage about his own fair seaside seat in Southend.

Yes, genius James thinks we need more gambling.

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Lest We Forget

poppy field

Once more, Remembrance Day comes upon us, and the country is transformed into a sea of poppies.

It is with an especially heavy heart that I remember this year, my grandfather — who having served in the Grenadier Guards in WWII was my last connection to wartime armed forces — passed away earlier this year.

I will be remember him, and my other grandfather who fought with Montgomery’s armies in North Africa — but my thoughts will also be with any and all who have lost their lives in war.

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