Day: 16/11/2013

Gravity – A Review


“The performance of Sandra Bullock’s career” essentially sums up the buzz surrounding Gravity. So in stark contrast to my heresy of this week, I did indeed go into the cinema with high expectations.

That’s not entirely due to the trailers and pre-release chatter. Alfonso Cuaron has the great distinction of being the director of the only Harry Potter film worth a damn; The Prisoner of Azkaban. (The Deathly Hallows, Part I wasn’t bad, to be fair, but mainly because it was the deliciously bleak first half of the story).

It’s worth pointing out, too, that I didn’t see it in 3D. Gravity is apparently the film to see in 3D, the film which makes it all worth it. Well, they said that about Avatar, too. So no 3D. No gimmicks. Just cinema.

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