08 “The Sacred Taking” (American Horror Story: Coven) [SPOILERS]


We need to have words, America.

This “Thanksgiving” thing you lot get so into. I’m not so keen. I’ve been jonesing for an American Horror Story fix for two weeks now. You need to sort it out.

But thankfully this week we are back, all thanked-out I guess. So let’s dive back into the witchy politics.

When last we left Coven, Queenie had gone over to the voodoo cult (and taken LaLaurie as a deal-sweetener), Zoe and Madison were setting up a weird undead ménage à trois with Franken-Kyle, and Cordelia was about to go to war with a cancer-stricken Fiona after learning what a nasty piece of work her mother is. All caught up? Good.

Rejoining the action, Queenie really has joined Marie Laveau’s team, leaving the coven depleted. With the arrival of Misty Day, and the return of Myrtle whose melodrama feels a bit more bearable having been burnt at the stake, the plot against Fiona comes into play.

This is Fiona’s episode. Jessica Lange stretches every acting sinew to deliver a virtuoso performance as the aging witch distraught at her impending mortality. The surreal visuals as Myrtle and Madison goad Fiona into taking her own life are electric, and the whole thing feels like a battle for her soul between the coven and — of all people — Spalding.

I am worried about the Zoe/Franken-Kyle storyline though. It doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, and even the addition of the undead threesome aspect hasn’t injected much life into it. With the bitchy-witching actually heating up properly, AHS needs to either find something for Kyle to do, or send him home.

The glimpses of Marie Laveau and LaLaurie, though nowhere near enough, were excellent. The incongruencies in LaLaurie’s character between nineteenth century sadist and meek immortal lost in the modern day have been jarring, but here it worked. Laveau and LaLaurie are similar in many ways, and the punishment that the voodoo queen starts to enact upon her nemesis is deliciously gruesome. I’m delighted that both Angela Bassett and Kathy Bates will be back for season 4.

I was glad to see a bit more from Nan too. I still feel that her character is a card supremely underplayed by AHS so far, which I hope is deliberate. It was also nice to be surprised and reminded that there are other threats to the coven than Fiona and Marie Laveau.

I enjoyed this episode a lot. There was plenty of the witchy-feel which makes this series come to life, but it also moved the plot and characters forward in exciting ways. The final scene showed both of these, through the truce of necessity between Fiona and Cordelia, before ending on exactly the sort of shocking note that we’ve come to love about AHS.

I end looking forward to next episode, and praying that they across the pond don’t decide to have another week off.

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  1. Well, unless I missed something about US American culture, YOU surely are not the “Jones” type. Having heard how TV kills fantasy (I mean, the one in the “head and heart”, not in a computer animation), it still seems to thrive with some folks …


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