13 “Seven Wonders” (American Horror Story: Coven) [SPOILERS]


Well, somehow a period of time has passed, and we’re stood at the end of another series of American Horror Story.

There is a reason that this show is one of my favourite active programmes, and that’s largely based around its fresh originality. Which has been something that Coven has revelled in it. More than its two predecessors, it has spent most of its thirteen episodes grabbing the initiative with bizarre plot twists and shocking set pieces.

This post will focus on the finale itself, the long-awaited “Seven Wonders”.

Yes, finally we reach the conclusion of all that “who’s the next supreme?” speculation. And it’s… Well, the episode was disorganised, but ultimately a satisfying end to an excellent series.

Firstly, Stevie Nicks. If you’ve managed to persuade the Fleetwood Mac frontwoman to grace your show, kicking off the finale with her wandering around the set singing the episode song is not a bad way to go. And yes, it works. Very well. She has buckets of gravitas.

The wonders themselves vary in interest, but the best is “Descensum” — a descent of the spirit into a personal hell. Madison’s is predictably vain — playing a secondary role in a TV musical. Zoe’s simply underscores the pointlessness of her character arc this series. Her hell of repeated break ups with FrankenKyle just reminded me how little I care about them. Queenie’s we saw last episode, but the endless queues of angry, impatient people at the chicken shop are still a great scene for one of the best characters Coven has given us.

It was Misty’s fate which grated. The swamp-witch’s hell is excruciating — being forced to repeatedly resurrect and dissect a live frog. But more, it’s the fact that she doesn’t make it. Misty never wanted to join the coven. For her to wind up just another victim of it feels…unfair.

The end reveal of the supreme being Cordelia was a good call — though the fact that she was the one person not endlessly hinted at gave the game away. But what it did was crystallise the mother-daughter relationship between her and Fiona as the crown passes.

Fiona’s faked death plan was a little on the elaborate side, but that’s Fiona, I suppose. At any rate, dying in Cordelia’s arms was a better end than an axe to the back. And her hell being the Axeman’s heaven — watched over by Lance Reddick’s chilling Papa Legba — was perfect.

So farewell Coven. You were entertaining in the extreme. The final scene of Cordelia, Queenie and Zoe welcoming a host of new students to the academy — having gone public — was a great note to end on, and a nod to one of the trailer images, of Fiona flanked by Marie Laveau and Delphine LaLaurie.


A fitting end to a show which knew what it was about; a mess at times, but a gloriously fun one.

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