Day: 24/02/2014

Sale to Infinite Science Fiction!

infinite acacia

Yes, it’s been a while since I posted one of these. But my story “Nothing Beside Remains” is going to be published in the anthology Infinite Science Fiction, from Brussels-based publisher Infinite Acacia.

This is a particularly short piece, of science-fiction, set on the dusty red plains of Mars. It has an interesting personal background and source of inspiration, which I will look forward to go into a little closer to the publication date. But for now it’s nice just to be able to revel in the prospect of my words being manifested in print.

It’s a nice feeling.

End of the “Southend Independents aren’t a Party” myth

martin terry

Well that lasted.

News broke on Friday that the leader of the Southend Independent definitely-not-a-party Group, Martin Terry, intends to resign his present council seat representing Westborough ward in order to fight for election to Thorpe ward in the May local elections.

This is not a surprise to anyone in the know. Martin Terry has been looking for a Thorpe-wards relocation for a while, and it seems like the final piece has fallen into place (permission, perhaps, from Thorpe councillor and one-man self-promotion engine Ron Woodley?).

One side effect, though, is that that it has at last broken any pretence that Southend’s independents are anything but a political party.

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