Day: 17/03/2014

James Duddridge, MP for…Halifax?

james duddridge halifax surgery

During the course of my (rather boring) weekend errands, I came across this poster at Halifax bank. Leaving aside the shock of seeing James Duddridge — if not the dullest man in parliament, certainly a keen contender — leering out at me from the wall, the actual detail of what it says is a little…interesting.

Mr Duddridge’s community surgery is not for constituents, but apparently rather for Halifax customers. I’ve been known to accuse the Tories of being in the pockets of the banks before (with George Osborne going to court to protect their inappropriately large bonuses, it’s hardly a novel claim) but this is something new.

If I weren’t working, I might be tempted to call in on Friday morning and see if Halifax would really turn away a voting constituent; and if my own MP would permit them.