Leader of Independents on Southend Council resigns!

martin terry

Sadly, Martin Terry isn’t renouncing politics, and becoming a monk.

No, this is the next step in the ongoing saga of Independent Party Group Martin’s flight to the safer climes of Thorpe ward. On Friday, he gave his written resignation into the council, and formally ceased to be a councillor representing Westborough ward. This isn’t exactly a surprise, as he had declared his intentions to do just so a few months back.

I had been unsure whether Martin would resign before seeking election in Thorpe. Not doing so would have meant that in the unlikely event of his defeat he would have remained on the council (and in the more likely event of victory he would have cost the Southend taxpayer an extra £14,000 for a subsequent by-election in Westborough).

But that hasn’t happened.

Over on his blog, Julian Ware-Lane ponders just how the dynamics of the Independent Party Group will change. Perhaps the leadership of the party-which-(apparently)-isn’t-a-party was Ron Woodley’s price for allowing Martin’s flight to electoral safety? Perhaps he will be the prince-over-the-water until May 22nd?

And what about Westborough? Well, come May 22nd they will have two councillors to elect. Rumours have reached me that the son of St Luke’s ward independent Cllr Brian Ayling will be on the independent ticket — nepotism and contradiction, all in one! I would suggest Labour candidates Mike Royston and Kevin Robinson as the ideal replacements for a Lib Dem and an Independent. But then I would, wouldn’t I?

40 days to go.

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