Day: 14/04/2014

And we’re off!

southend civic centre

With the local elections this year being later than most due to the European Parliament elections (the vote usually occurs on the first Thursday in May), today has seen the publishing by Southend-on-Sea Borough Council of the notice of election. This marks the “official” start of the election campaign — I say official, but all parties have been laying the groundwork for months. Would-be candidates have now 10 days to get their nomination papers in — with the signatures of 10 nominators living in the ward and on the electoral roll — by 24th April.

There are eighteen seats up for election — one in each of the seventeen wards in the borough, and an extra in Westborough which Independent Martin Terry has vacated in his flight to Thorpe — of which 11 are Tory-held, 5 by the Lib Dems, 1 Labour and 1 Independent.

Most local political commentators — both enthusiastic amateurs like myself, and those sitting on the council — are expecting upheaval after this election. The Conservative majority stands at 1 presently, and they are almost certain to lose a number of seats on May 22nd. What this means for post-election Southend will depend on how the dice ultimately fall, and what alliances can be made as a result.

So there is a lot to play for; expect a lively campaign.

38 days to go.

The Borderlands – A Review

the borderlands

I’m a regular listener to the BBC’s film review show on Radio 5live, hosted by Simon Mayo and the acerbic wit of Mark Kermode. It’s a good listen for anyone with even a passing interest in film, and it’s actually what brought my attention to this very film, The Borderlands.

I’m sure I would have found it anyway, the reliable crew of my Facebook friends having discovered it also, but it’s always nice to have a signpost — and it seems only fair to recognise them.

The Borderlands is a low-budget, British horror film. It also uses the found-footage format, so beloved lately of horror. I have in the past been quite mean about it, but I do always usually qualify that by saying that done right it can be tremendously effective.

The question then is which camp The Borderlands falls into.

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