Day: 17/04/2014

The Quiet Ones – A Review

the quiet ones

It feels intensely odd watching a new Hammer film. It’s the same feeling that I noted when sitting down to watch The Woman in Black. It feels like a name out of the past, a name out of another age, an old spirit — appropriately enough — risen from the grave.

But we live in strange times, and like so many of subjects of its films, Hammer is making a comeback. The (aforementioned) Woman in Black and The Resident (which I haven’t actually seen). And now, The Quiet Ones.

Now, unlike most I wasn’t blown away by The Woman in Black. I didn’t think it was terribly successful as a horror film, and although I thought more kindly of it at a later second viewing, I still think Daniel Radcliff was the wrong casting decision for the wrong reasons.

Mercifully, The Quiet Ones boasts not a single Daniel Radcliff.

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