Day: 08/05/2014

Vote Southend 2014: what does a vote for the Independents get you?

southend civic centre

Voting day is almost upon us, and the date to remember for the local elections across England is 22nd May. In Southend-on-Sea, there is everything to play for. For the first time in many years, control of the council hangs in the balance. In 2014, your vote counts more than ever to shape the future direction of the town. The main parties pitching their platforms are the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats, the Independents, UKIP, and of course Labour.

So what are the Independents offering the voters of Southend in 2014?

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Sabotage – A Review


Occasionally, when watching Arnold Schwarzenegger in a film, I recall that this man was until recently the governor of California. That’s the Terminator, the guy from Predator, from The Kindergarten Cop, for crying out loud.

But if it was remarkable that he made the transition to serious politician, it must be equally — if not more — surprising that he has made the journey back to the screen. Last year I saw and reviewed Escape Plan, which saw him team up with fellow aging action hero Sylvester Stallone. It was cheesy, but enjoyable, which is pretty much what I would expect from an Arnie action film.

As impressive as the Governator’s career trajectory is (bodybuilder, actor, politician, actor/cultural icon), there is always the worry that he is one unhinged rant at an empty chair away from becoming Clint Eastwood. But as long as he’s still making good films, who gives a toss?

And is he? Still making good films, I mean?

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