Day: 13/05/2014

A mess of a hustings

southend civic centre

Firstly, an apology. It is, I suspect, not an apology owed by myself, but I will give it nonetheless. To anyone who attended the hustings last night at Hinguar Primary School in order to see and listen to me, you would have been disappointed.

I arrived at Hinguar at ten to seven, only to be told by Cllr Anne Chalk that I wouldn’t in fact be speaking. It had changed, apparently, from the West Shoebury and Shoeburyness hustings that had been advertised, to a Shoeburyness only debate. And as such, only Conservative Cllr Roger Hadley and Independent candidate Nick Ward would speak.

Now, I don’t know when this decision was made. I do know that I had discussed my intentions today and last night with senior Labour councillors, and no such communication had reached any of us. I do however know that the decision served to make it an Independent vs Tory battle, and that the accusation that the Labour Shoeburyness candidate had not turned up was entirely spurious. Maggie Kelly was never intended to come, as she was working.

But actually, having sat through the spectacle ensued, I’m not sure I’m not glad to have been little part of it.

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06 “The Laws of Gods and Men” (Game of Thrones season 4) [SPOILERS]

GoT - Tywin

It’s a matter on record, at several times on this blog, that I was disappointed with the third season of Game of Thrones. Oh, the Red Wedding was all very impressive, and the Jamie-Brienne storyline was outstandingly done (well done to Nikolaj Coster-Walder and Gwendoline Christie). But on the whole, it dragged.

Scene after scene of Theon and Ramsay Snow, which took ten episodes to go nowhere. Bran creeping northwards at a frankly coma-inducing pace. And endless — endless — scenes of Jon Snow making that feeling-sorry-for-myself face and apparently knowing nothing.

Six episodes into season four, that is plainly not a charge which can be levelled this time around.

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