Day: 23/05/2014

The morning after: dissecting the Southend election results

southend civic centre

The votes have been counted (or, in Martin Terry’s case, weighed) and there were¬†a whole host of new councillors waking up this morning.

I was at the count myself live-tweeting — and live-blogging, when I could keep up — and I saw events as they unfolded. If you haven’t seen the results yet, you can take a look here. It’s okay, I’ll wait. Done?

So the big story is the one that the BBC are currently trailing; the surge of UKIP across the country. But it wasn’t just UKIP, so how did everyone else do?


Southend Local Election Results 2014

southend civic centre

The votes have been cast, the polling stations are closed, and the counting has begun! Time to find out who has won where!

Here is the overview of how the elections played out:


Seats before Election Seats gained Seats lost Overall final number of seats
Conservative 26 0 7 19
Liberal Democrat 9 0 4 5
Independent 9 4 1 12
Labour 6 3 0 9
Unaligned 1 0 0 1
UKIP 0 5 0 5
Green 0 0 0 0
National Front 0 0 0


Read the results ward by ward…