Day: 25/05/2014

Hiatus (ish)

With the local elections done, and the future of Southend now in hands other than mine, I am taking a well-deserved (or at least I think so) break to recuperate. My foot still hurts from doing my bit to see two Labour councillors elected in Westborough.

I figure a week in York, the once (and future?) capital of England, ought to do the trick.

So although I will still be blogging this week (and you thought you’d escaped), it will be all of the reviews which have fallen by the wayside in the last few weeks in favour of the push-and-pull of the minutiae of local politics. Hersey of the week will also be making a return, you lucky reader!

If any groundbreaking political news does make it to York this week, I don’t rule out giving my opinions, but it’s far from my first priority. And when I get back to Southend, I’m planning a bit of a makeover (the blog, not me!) so that’s something to look forward to.

But for now, time to rest.