Day: 27/05/2014

The lesser of two evils: coalition building in Southend

southend civic centre

In the jfilm Master and Commander: the Far Side of the World, there is a terrible joke in which Russell Crowe’s character challenges Paul Bettany’s to pick between two weevils on the tablecloth. Paul Bettany’s physician analytically picks the larger if the pair, provoking gales of laughter from Crowe, who tells him, “Don’t you know, doctor, in the service you must always choose the lesser of two weevils!”

A terrible joke. But somewhat illustrative of the choice facing Southend Labour following the local elections.

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Her – A Review


Remember when Joaquin Phoenix quit films to become a dishevelled rapper, which was later revealed to be an elaborate and deeply odd hoax for a mockmentary film? Yeah, you’d be surprised how many people still pipe up with “Didn’t he quit films to be a rapper?” at the mention of Phoenix’s name.

Which might seem a bit of an odd lead in to a film review, but it should underline that everything Phoenix does has an innate sense of the weird to it.

So he seems exactly the person to star in a science-fiction/romance about a man falling in love with an operating system, don’t you think?

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