Day: 31/05/2014

Meet the new me

Not, as it turns out, all that much different from the old me.

Please do not attempt to adjust your TV set (does anybody ever try that any more?), I have simply given my blog a long overdue facelift.

You see, the old theme was one I had been using since I graduated from university. Which doesn’t sound too long, but every now and then someone or something would remind me that that was a good three years ago. So I felt a change was in order.

It’s nothing terribly radical, and indeed the content will remain largely the same. But I wanted something fairly minimalistic, with a lighter colour scheme. The result is what you see before you. All feedback is, as ever, welcome, so let me know what you think.

I’m also subsuming the Reviews category (and all subcategories) under Geek-culture, as a part of what I see as recognising the two heads which have grown up in the content which I blog. This may evolve further, but I think that generally the categories feature has been under-used, and I mean to rectify this.

My blog did very well in terms of numbers over the election campaign, and I am determined to continue that trend, with more of an equal focus on geekery and political geekery. Julian (Ware-Lane) regularly bemoans “all the sci-fi stuff” on here, but these are my interests, and I think it gives a more holistic sense of who I am. Besides, my blog, my rules.

So as a great man once said, let’s see what’s out there!