Day: 03/06/2014

Independent/Labour/Lib Dem coalition to run Southend Council

southend civic centre

Earlier this morning , at a press conference, it was announced that a deal has been reached between the Independent, Labour and Lib Dem groups to form a coalition administration on Southend Borough Council, under the leadership of Ron Woodley.

News this may well be, but to anyone who has been paying the slightest bit of attention it won’t come as a surprise.

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08 “The Mountain and the Viper” (Game of Thrones season 4) [SPOILERS]

GoT - Tyrion trial

After a week’s break — for reasons which are, I presume, American in nature — Game of Thrones is back. And after Mockingbird’s shocking ending — and shocking middle…and just generally shocking start to finish, I guess — there is plenty of anticipation

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