Ian Gilbert and Southend Labour kick off the 2015 campaign

ian gilbert and co in shoeburyness

My feet have just about recovered from walking up and down those absurdly long avenues in Westborough ward on election day. And of course, in the barmy logic of the world we live in, that means it is time to get campaigning again.

So this morning saw me, wearing decidedly better shoes, once again walking up and down residential streets knocking on doors. This time we were out in the east of the borough, in Shoeburyness, where PPC (and new Deputy Leader of the council) Ian Gilbert was firing the first shots of election campaign.

It might seem a bit early to be back out campaigning for an election still a year away, but Rochford and Southend East constituency has more than 70,000 voters, and we want to speak to as many as we can by May 7th. Knocking on doors in Shoeburyness saw a generally positive reaction, but Ian is a good candidate and a lot of people have very little time for Tory James Duddridge.

We were also out with Maggie Kelly, Labour’s candidate for Shoeburyness ward at the elections just gone. She didn’t win the ward, but increased the Labour vote, and I hope she will consider¬†putting herself forward to stand again in 2015.

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