Day: 16/06/2014

The MP, the Tory-linked law firm, and profiteering from education

duddridge at the beach

When I blogged earlier this year about James Duddridge’s constituency surgery, exclusively for Halifax customers, I was clear that in my view it wasn’t malicious, simply a fairly sizeable lapse in judgement.

As I outlined last week, I don‘t think Mr Duddridge’s judgement generally speaking is particularly impressive. He has managed to alienate not only large sections of his electorate, but a not insignificant part of his local activist base.

Much of this falls into the “Well, you would say that, wouldn’t you?” camp. True, I am a Labour activist. True, I am not a fan of Mr Duddridge. And true, I am very much hoping to see him replaced by Ian Gilbert next May. But read on, if you will, as I unfold the pages of another example of the question marks hovering over James Duddridge’s judgement.

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