Day: 03/07/2014

Mark Flewitt, lapdog to attack dog?

mark flewitt and jonathan hodge

If nothing else, you have to admire the tenacity of St Laurence’s councillor Mark Flewitt. Since the elections — where he stewarded a campaign which saw the supremely smug Tory candidate Jonathan Hodge spectacularly lose to UKIP — he has filled his time by posting sarcastic blogs about the new joint administration.

Nothing particularly surprising or out of order there, though his picking around the edges contrasts poorly with the more cerebral analyses of other Tory bloggers, such as Nigel Holdcroft, Tony Cox and even Mark’s fellow councillor James Courtenay. I can’t, however, claim that all of my blogs are about deeply substantive issues.

But Mark’s latest hobby horse has a problem; it doesn’t strictly speaking seem to be, er, true.

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