Day: 31/07/2014

A Tale of Two Rail Lines

greater anglia c2c

You can, I believe, tell a lot about a party’s policy by how it’s opponents react to it. When Ed Miliband announced an energy price freeze, the Conservatives denounced it as dangerous socialism, even as those at the sharp end of ever inflating bills welcomed it. When Labour announced measures to prevent excessive rent hikes and landlords turfing tenants out, Grant Shapps labelled it “Venezuelan-style rent controls”.

So when the Labour Party announced that they would permit the state to bid for rail franchises, the Tory reaction was of great interest to me. And, predictably, this was what James Duddridge (who may as well be Grant Shapps’ puppet) tweeted:

Like I said, predictable. And a shame, too, because not only is Mr Duddridge willfully misrepresenting the policy, but Southend is actually one of the places which it would best serve.