Day: 05/08/2014

Kipperwatch! James Moyies is counting his chickens again

kipperwatch local

Sometimes it feels like local politics goes in circles. Case in point: I am sure I’ve written this blog before. I have, in fact, back in December last year: A Coalition of Fools.

Back then, I said:

I’ve no idea what the May elections will bring. More than likely there will be no party in overall control, and extensive negotiations will be necessary to provide Southend with local government. But regardless, any concept of a stable Independent-UKIP coalition taking control is limited to the fanciful imaginings of Messers Moyies and Terry.

I hesitate to blow my own trumpet, but I did call it right. I underestimated the number of UKIP wins, but no one party had a majority, and a UKIP-Independent alliance was a mathematical flop. That doesn’t seem to have disuaded them though; in the pages of the Echo they’re at it again: Ukip eye up coalition with Independents.

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