Day: 25/08/2014

10 “Bottom of the World” (Defiance season 2) [SPOILERS]


I sometimes wonder why Defiance’s creators chose to set their post-apocalyptic story in St Louis. I haven’t googled it (deliberately), so perhaps there is an excellent reason but I suspect it’s because of the recognisability of the arch, and a ruined Statue of Liberty being somewhat overdone since Charlton Heston first damned us all to hell.

I say recognisability; I presume it is somewhat more recognisable to viewers based in the US. For myself, across the pond, St Louis is most evocative of the musical by the same name (Yes, I know). And I can’t quite see Nolan belting out “The Trolley Song” (Yes, I know).

This is Defiance, though, and I’ve learnt not to presume rule anything out.

Read on… (and mind the spoilers)