Day: 27/08/2014

Red herons and a blue herring

mark flewitt red heron

Like a dog with a bone (or perhaps a bird with a fish) Southend Tory Mark Flewitt is still fuming over Cory Environmental having lost the waste collection contract on Southend.

Now, Julian Ware-Lane has already pointed out some of the rambling incoherence of his latest blog on the matter — an open letter to Cory — and some of the more ridiculous pieces of nonsense, so I don’t mean to dwell on that (despite there being a gold mine of amusement in that red heron bit).

More and more Mark is sounding like a conspiracy theorist, increasingly divorced from reality. He is so desperate to be the voice of the Conservative Party in Southend, that I have to assume he doesn’t even think through his opinions enough to notice the glaring contradictions.

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