Day: 01/09/2014

11 “Doll Parts” (Defiance season 2) [SPOILERS]


I’m very glad I stuck with Defiance.

There have been rocky patches — mostly in the last season, I have to admit — where it seemed like the show didn’t really know what it was doing or where it was headed. Looking back, I would tend to chalk those moments up to growing pains, and as the show has matured — let’s not forget that this is a fairly low budget series, which has had to pick its own way through good and less good ideas — they have grown fewer.

But in doing so, the showrunners have managed the feat of not losing hold of that breakout essence which first attracted my attention, what I usually refer to as the wtf factor.

We are, though, moving towards the season’s conclusion, which is where I felt the first season fell down in particular, so it will be interesting to┬ácompare and contrast there.

Read on…(and mind the spoilers)