Day: 06/09/2014

Running scared — Southend Tories know they aren’t going to win

cllr adam jones

UPDATE: Mark Flewitt has deleted the blog post in question. One could infer from that that Cllr Jones has reconsidered his retirement. Or it could be another instalment of the saga of Cllr Flewitt. Who can say?

That the Conservative Party in Southend is in decline is hardly a secret. In fact, decline is a bit of an understatement; in a few short years they have gone from the unassailably dominant party of local government to an opposition in complete disarray. It hasn’t stopped a few “leading figures” embarrassing themselves blatantly jockeying for position to take the leadership, but it’s not really fooling anyone.

Nor is it fooling their own councillors, apparently; leading the exodus, St Laurence councillor Adam Jones has announced that he won’t be standing for re-election next May.

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