Day: 07/09/2014

A weekend of knocking on doors

matt, ian and anne in st luke's

If anyone wants indisputable proof that I am indeed mad, then may I present as exhibit 1, the fact that I spent both Saturday and Sunday mornings out knocking on doors and talking to strangers.

(There is an argument, and a compelling one I think, that by doing just such I am in fact the one who is stranger)

We are still some eight months away from the next round of elections, so most political parties in Southend are conspicuous by their absence on the campaign trail, and I suspect will remain so until January at the earliest, but I am glad to say that Southend Labour are out campaigning almost all year round.

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Sensitivity is not the same thing as censorship

doctor who

There’s a bit of a debate going on across a number of circles online at the moment, regarding the decision of the BBC to edit a scene out of this weekend’s Doctor Who episode. The scene, in “Robot of Sherlock”, features a beheading.

It was presumably not that graphic — it’s still Doctor Who we’re talking about, and even Game of Thrones cuts away at, er, vital moments. But nonetheless, with cases such as that of journalist James Foley being all over the news, the BBC decided to omit the particular seen.

Quoth the BBC:

In light of recent news events, we have made an edit to episode three out of respect.

It seems, I reckon, fair enough. But there are others who disagree; they take to the internet with their perennial battlecry: “CENSORSHIP!”

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