Day: 24/09/2014

01 “Pilot” (Gotham season 1) [SPOILERS]


We’re entering a particularly exciting period for my TV watching. For one thing, the fourth season of American Horror Story (entitled “Freakshow”) is starting soon. As is the TV adaptation of British comic series Hellblazer (yes, and the Keanu Reeves film), going by the moniker Constantine.

But before we get to those, we have another exciting little show starting. Called Gotham, it’s a Batman prequel series focusing on a young Detective Jim Gordon, and featuring origin stories of a whole bunch of Batman villains. Which sounds pretty exciting, particularly given how uninspiring DC’s film plans seem at the moment.

Thing is, prequels are tricky things. Yes, Batman’s origin stories have been rewritten more times than he’s pulled unlikely or unfeasable gadgets from his utility belt, but you’re still fundamentally walking a tightrope between originality and straying too far from the source material.

So how does the pilot episode of Gotham, imaginatively titled “Pilot”, fare?

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Heresy of the Week – The Harry Potter films got Sirius’ death wrong

sirius black death

Heresy of the Week is a (mostly) weekly spot in which I entertain some of the unthinkable notions of geek-culture. The arguments I put forward are not always things I personally agree with, but often rhetorical devices designed to force myself (and maybe readers) out of the boxes which fan discussions can get caught in. But that aside, feel free to get yourselves worked up and your knickers in a twist if you really want to.

This week’s heresy:

“There are many criticisms levelled at the Harry Potter film franchise, some of them legitimate and some of them not. But seldom did the films miss the point of the books quite as badly as in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, with Sirius Black’s death scene.”

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