Day: 29/09/2014

That perilous campaign trail

Labour in Milton

Matt Dent, Tony Borton and Julian Ware-Lane out canvassing in Milton ward.

Milton massive“, indeed.

Once again the Southend Labour faithful were out on the streets of Milton ward this weekend, talking to residents and recruiting to the cause. Milton is such a varied part of Southend that it is always a pleasure to canvas, particularly when the weather is as cheery as it was this weekend.

Cllr Ware-Lane, though, befell the dangers of political campaigning. Not a rampaging horde of ‘kippers, but rather a treacherous, er, driveway seeing him hobbling the rest of the session… After election day knackered my foot for a good few weeks after, I am both sympathetic and admiring that Julian insisted on finishing off the canvas session even if he had to slowly limp the final stage (Which he did -Ed) .

One thing which was noticiable, though, was the absence of Tories — both voters and activists. All the more perplexing, given that they apparently selected candidates on Friday night. One might have thought they’d been keen to get into the flight. Perhaps it was too far a journey from Rochford.

Or perhaps they’ve all defected to UKIP…

06 “The Caretaker” (Doctor Who series 8) [SPOILERS]

doctor who peter capaldi

The general trend of this, the first season of the Twelfth Doctor, has been one of improving confidence and writing getting gradually better. I started, and remain, a firm fan of Peter Capaldi in the leading role, but his settling down has been a little bumpy due to some initial writing-based clumsiness.

Since the sea-change episode “Listen”, that has turned around. The whole thing has a completely different feel to previous Doctors, but it is a welcome change. Still there is the mischevous twinkle in the Doctor’s eye, but it’s an older eye to start with. With “The Caretaker”, though, it seems we’re heading back to Earth (and back to school) for a character-based personal episode.

Read on… (and mind the spoilers)