Cursed streets & new boots — weekend cavassing in Milton ward

Princes Street, in Milton ward, Southend-on-Sea, is cursed. I’ve decided. It’s just bad luck for political campaigners. Last week Julian Ware-Lane managed to turn his ankle on the terrifying slopes* of someone’s driveway, which he hobbled around on for the better part of a week before finally venturing to A&E to find, yes, it was broken. This week I stood on a leaf and, err, slipped. Falling flat on arse.

Nothing injured, fortunately. Just my dignity. And who needs that?

Yes, this weekend I was out once more in Labour’s number one target ward for next May. Thanks to Julian’s CRI (Campaigning-Related Injury), and my fellow Labour activists being committed elsewhere, I did so by my lonesome. There’s something quite nice about canvassing on your own, peaceful. You don’t make quite the same progress, though, when you get stuck talking to people.

It is fruitful, though. Aside from the immediately local issues, it is amazing how many people appreciate someone simply asking them what they think. I even struck up a conversation with one resident who, although normally a Tory voter at general elections, voted Labour locally purely on the strength of Cheryl Nevin as a candidate. And that’s the strength of Labour in Southend — I am convinced that we have the very best people.

The main downside — aside from the aforementioned leaf incident — was that I decided to wear my newly-purchased boots. Anyone who knows me knows how much I detest shoe shopping, so that I actually purchased any was nothing short of a minor miracle, but they didn’t half have that new-shoe rub. Next week I think I’ll dust off the old trusty boots.

Possibly a coat, too; it’s starting to get nippy in the mornings. And Labour are still the only party out working in Southend.

*mild incline


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