Day of the Girl

day of the girl

And now, as they say, for something serious.

Today is the UN’s International Day of the Girl, an awareness campaign for the plight of girls around the world, whose lives are blighted and potential left unfulfilled by the spectre of gender inequality. Violence against girls and women, even in a “developed” country like Britain, domestic abuse, sexual violence and horrors like female genital mutilation are still demons to be slain.

There is no easy answer, but the solution has to stem from education. Education on sex and relationships, and the fact that violence can never be acceptable in any relationship, for boys and girls is the only way that the cycle can be broken and progress made.

This is an international problem as well as a national issue, and education is a central plank around the world. There are a host of information and statistics each more sobering than the last, and really it ought to galvanise us into action.

This is not a party political issue, but nonetheless I am proud to belong to a party which has committed to real action to fight this evil.

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