Day: 12/10/2014

The deafening messages from Clacton and Heywood & Middleton

carswell and farage

What a mess.

The results of the two by-elections this week were pretty decisive. And, in my opinion, very bad news for British politics.

We are riding a crest of UKIP popularity at the moment, and the two results are indicative of this in profoundly different ways. It is troubling for the mainstream parties, but I don’t see that it is a particular indication of overwhelming confidence in anything more than the idea of UKIP.

The reason I say this is not out of some tribally political exercise of burying my head in the sand, but that I don’t think that this is as simple as  an insurgent party. Farage has taken advantage of a mood, but his is an opportunistic approach. It is that mood which represents the biggest problem for the political system.

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